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Faith-Based Rehab Program

What is a Faith-Based Rehab Program?

Many struggle to find a deeper connection with God as they seek a recovery in rehab / detox and through 12 step programs at large.  Spencer Recovery Center, in Laguna Beach, provides clients with a faith-based rehab program.  Intensive counseling in both group and individual settings are available. 

Spirituality is a key concept of the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and is a part of Recovery. Spirituality, for some, is based on a conception of a Higher Power or God, and sometimes on a specified religious route. The faith-based rehab program at our Treatment Center is here to help you find spirituality your own way.

Materials You May Find Helpful

The Life Recovery Bible relates the 12-Steps of recovery to the Gospel. The Life Recovery Bible allows clients to reflect upon the experiences of other addicts who have found recovery through an intimate relationship with God, in conjunction with the grace, humility, honesty, and reconciliation exemplified by the 12-Steps.

The Zen of Recovery Is a compelling blend of East and West, teaching how Zen mind and practice connect to the heart of recovery. Drawing from his own experience as an alcoholic, author Mel Ash presents a practical synthesis of AA’s Twelve Steps and Zen’s Eightfold Path.

The Soul’s Human Experience is a guidebook for those awakening to a higher consciousness and seeking a deeper connection to life. This compelling read contains many “AHA” moments that will remind you why you’re here and what your purpose is.  Author Anna Schlinghoff shares powerful reminders on how to find joy and fulfillment in your own life.

Some Program Extras Include

  • Group Therapy sessions guided by a Counselor.
  • Private, intensive one-on-one weekly counseling sessions, twice / week 
  • Chaperoned transport to Sunday service at a local community church
  • Daily Meditation and Mindfulness Practices
  • Yoga Classes