Faith-Based Rehab Program

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Many of us struggle to find a deeper connection with God as we seek a recovery that is truly lasting and abundant.  Spencer Recovery’s Grace Track provides clients with a Christian-based, Bible-centered faith-based program.  Intensive counseling in both group and individual settings emphasize God’s promise to heal the hurting and emptiness in our hearts. 

Grace Track Materials

Grace Track uses the Life Recovery Bible as the central text of its program, and relates the 12-Steps of recovery to the Gospel. The Life Recovery Bible allows clients to reflect upon the experiences of other addicts who have found recovery through an intimate relationship with God, in conjunction with the grace, humility, honesty, and reconciliation exemplified by the 12-Steps.

The tenderness of a loving God is revealed through this recovery process.

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Grace Track Activities

The Grace Track includes the following additional programs:

  • Group sessions guided by a Christian counselor, sessions focus on the lessons from the Life Recovery Bible Study Workbook
  • Participation in “The Effect” (a ministry under the direction of Pastor Frank Billman and ministry leader, Bob Beauchamp)
  • Private, intensive one-on-one weekly counseling sessions, twice / week 
  • Chaperoned transport to Sunday service at a local community church

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