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What is the MCMI-IV?

The Millon® Clinical Multiaxial Inventory-IV, or MCMI-IV, helps clinicians quickly identify clients who may require more intensive evaluation. This mental health evaluation reports provide an in-depth analysis of personality and symptom dynamics and include action-oriented suggestions for therapeutic management. Simply put, this evaluation allows staff at our treatment centers to place you in the specialized treatment program that’s right for you.

Modeled on 4 Categories of Scales:

The MCMI-IV helps evaluation socioeconomic and psychological factors to help create the perfect treatment plan for you
  • 15 Personality Pattern Scales
  • 10 Clinical Syndrome Scales
  • 5 Validity Scales: 3 Modifying Indices; 2 Random Response Indicators
  • 45 Grossman Personality Facet Scales (based on Seth Grossman’s theories of personality and psychopathology)

The MCMI-IV Helps Us Identify Possible Co - Occurring Disorders Such As: