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Recreational Activities

At Spencer Recovery Centers, Inc. we understand the importance of physical activity in regards to holistic recovery.


Combine relaxation and physical activity while training with our golf instructor.


Tone and strengthen your body as well as your mind in our gym.


Focus on the healing combination of breath work and physical activity during one of our yoga groups.


Looking for a low impact way to tone and strengthen your body? Try a relaxing swim in our beautiful pool. Swimming is the perfect way to tone, tighten, and relieve anxiety all at the same time.

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Traditionally, the treatment community have viewed substance abuse disorders as individualized diagnoses that are most effectively treated on an individual basis. However, current studies show that Behavioral Couples Therapy, a treatment program targeted towards married or cohabiting addicts and alcoholics, are having more success that individualized treatment alone.

 In multiple studies across diverse populations, patients who engage in treatment together have consistently reported greater reductions in substance use than have clients who receive only individual counseling. Couples facing their substance abuse disorders together, also have reported higher levels of relationship satisfaction and more improvements in other areas of relationship and family functioning. At Spencer Recovery Centers, we not only accept couples into our program but encourage it, establishing a stronger relationship for you and your significant other.

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Unique Holistic Offerings


Acupuncture is a type of alternative therapy and a key component of traditional Chinese Medicine. This ancient practice has been successful in the treatment of emotional, mental, and substance abuse disorders.

Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy is the perfect way to deal with stress and anxiety while in treatment. The best relaxation while healing body, mind, and spirit.

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Pet Friendly Treatment Center

Spencer Recovery Center is pet-friendly and inclusive.

Our pets often help rescue us as we work hard to improve the quality of our lives. Healing takes hard work and often times we need the support that only “mans best friend” can offer. This is why our Treatment Centers are all pet friendly and inclusive.

74% of pet owners


mental health


from pet ownership

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